Thursday, November 20, 2008

Courthouse Week

It has been an interesting week; a week spent largely at the courthouse for Steve & Kris and their family. The man who shot Jason in January 2007 was finally on trial. Monday, the jury was impaneled. Tuesday, the trial itself started with Jason on the stand. The tapes of his call into dispatch were played: at that time, he thought he was dying. It was almost a miracle that he survived. Witnesses testified all day. On Wednesday, the Doctors who had examined Featherhat testified to their professional conclusions. The Defense did not deny that the man had shot Jason, only that he was not sane at the time. So – today, Thursday, testimony wound up, and the case went to the jury, and he was found guilty – and not insane. The sentencing won’t take place until January. Most of the tension over the trial (and how the re-living of the shooting would affect Jason) is gone now, but there is still that last bit – the sentencing – before it can really be finished.

Keri and family are leaving on Saturday for Florida, and DisneyWorld, as the guests of the ‘Make a Wish’ Foundation for a week. Kody will have his next cancer scan after they come home.

Next week is Thanksgiving, and I am planning to spend the day with Beverly in Ephraim. I hope we have good weather for traveling.

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