Thursday, February 5, 2009

early February

Nobody told me that it would be so easy to postpone writing a blog entry! I love reading the ones others have written, but I drag my feet on making a new post. What’s my excuse? (1)“There is so much to tell that no one would want to take the time to read it all” or (2)”Oh. I would have to really concentrate for at least a half hour, and I just don’t want to do that tonight” or (3) “I wish I knew what my readers would like to see – old memories? Or just current stuff of every day? I just don’t know what to write.

Oh well – here goes --- We had a fun shower for Sara and Tessa! Sara attended by way of Skype! She had her computer camera on, and we had one on here on my desktop. So she was able to watch the shower, and we were able to watch her as we opened her gifts! That was neat. Tessa, of course, was here, and she received a lot of fun gifts (some useful), but the picture of the aunts holding up her scanties is one for the books!

We were inspired by the Beaver Stake Conference on Feb 1st. Elder Russell M. Nelson, of the Quorum of the Twelve presided, and Paul was released as Stake President after 9 years of service. What a thrill to be introduced to Elder Nelson and have him hold my hand while we had a short visit. It was an experience never to be forgotten.

Mark is still in the Intermountain Hospital in Murray. It has been 3 weeks. He is in the rehab unit now, but the terrible injury to his brain is difficult to adapt to. Please remember him in your prayers.

I have purchased a new computer, and when Keith & Sherrie return from Costa Rica (after the 18th if February), he will install it for me. My current computer is 4 years old, and Emily tells me I need a new one. So – am I up to adapting to a new computer? I guess time will tell!


Victoria said...

I love reading anything you post, so keep on postin'. It was so good to see you on Sunday. I know it meant a lot to my dad. See you soon, Love you Grandma.

Callison Clan said...

I am exactly the same way, I love to read everyone else's blog but I don't like to update. So....keep writing I love to read it!!
See you Sunday at my house for dinner. Do you have any requests for dinner? I am in need of an idea.
:Love you.

Ryan, Kim, Tyler and Brooke said...

I tagged you on my blog!