Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm back!

Guess I should really update this blog! Since I started in Facebook, I have neglected my blog. but my family put together a lovely celebration for my 85th birthday. (I still have trouble thinking of myself as being that old. All my life , I have lived as though I was going to go on forever here on the earth. Now, of necessity, the realization is becoming clear - I'm not. As my physical abilities diminish, I am feelind OLD. For awhile, it was OK, and I was not noticing a lot of difference from 10 years ago, but lately, the differences are becoming very apparent.) Eighty-five years! As Vern used to say when a span of years was mentioned, "That's a lot of
Christmas trees to make stand upright!"

Th e party was fun. I had all eight of my children there to celebrate, and many of their children, as well.(22 of my 30 great grands Inwere in attendance.) In total, 64 members of my own family came, and ten more attended-representatives from my sister's family, Vern's sister's family, and some dear friends. The recreation hall in Cedar City's Old Rock Church was quite full. We left one end bare so that some basketball could be played. Most of the tenn-aged boys, their cousins, fathers , and uncles enjoy the competition, and the others watch and just visit with each other.

We started at 10 am with a brunch, and the girls had prepared a beautiful spread! After the food,m little great-grandchildren gathered around to 'help' me open the presents. They loved to rip open the paper and discover what is inside. then they all sang "Happy Birthday". Tessa took pictures of each famiy present, and lots of snapshots as the morning progressed. Two beautifully decorated cakes were cut and served.(In deference to Ryan - a fire marshall - we didn't try to have 85 candles!)

We all enjoyed being together in one group. As Steve and I have talked since, we are thinking of re-instating the monthly summer Family Home Evening dinners we used to have in St. George.
More about that later.


Lois Thomas said...

Plese excuse some typographical errors. I have forgetten how to edit these posts!

Victoria said...

That was so fun. And I love the FHE re-instatement idea:)