Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Week

We have had a busy week. We drove to S.L. for Tessa’s wedding. We arrived in S.L. on Wednesday evening, and drove to the big hospital in Murray to see Mark. He seems to be in good spirits, although his body is not in very good shape, so he will have to remain there for several more days for continued testing.

Tessa’s wedding was in the Salt Lake Temple on Thursday (the 12th of March). I was happy to be able to go to S.L. for the wedding as I had not been in the S.L. Temple for many years. Vern & I were married there, but in 1943, the many large sealing rooms that are currently there did not exist, and we were married in a sealing room just off the Celestial Room. I realize now what a special experience that was! But of course, because of the large number of weddings these days, accommodations have had to be made. It was still exciting to watch Tessa & Brent as their vows were said. With misty eyes, everyone is remembering his/her own wedding, and hoping that they still measure up!

Between the after-wedding pictures (Oh, it was so cold outside in the shade!) and the dinner, Keith & Sherrie, Emily & Brad and I toured the Conference Center. K & S had been there before, but I hadn’t, nor had E & B, and we enjoyed it. We did so much ‘touring’ that the battery on my Jazzy became very low. So at the restaurant, they sat me near a wall socket, plugged me in, and during dinner, my chair was completely re-charged! The wedding dinner was scrumptious and worth the hassle of finding the restaurant! (No one in our car had even been in the Gateway Mall before!)

The reception that evening was so unique in so many ways, that I would need another posting just to tell you about it. It was GREAT.

On Friday morning, part of our group went to tour the Draper Temple, and Barbara, Emily and I went to see Aunt Mae. We were impressed with her! Physically, she is weaker than she was when she visited St. George just before we moved to Cedar, but she is 93 and ½, and is still quite sharp.

We came back on Friday evening, and as usual, I was happy to be home. It was great to see so many family members at the reception, but old people thrive on routine, and it is hard when we have to change that. I just love being in my own place. I am so lucky to have Kris and Steve to take care of me, and chauffeur me around. But (three clicks of my heels), there’s no place like home!

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