Thursday, May 21, 2009

May catch-up

I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted here. I developed a nasty chest cold the latter part of April and spent 3 weeks getting over it. I am better now, but I forgot almost everything I ever knew about Vista.
I have been struggling with that new computer’s OS. Going from XP to Vista is not as simple as I had hoped. I finally had to order a couple of ‘how-to’ books about using Vista. They haven’t come yet. Sigh. I need help especially with pix which arrive via email. It was so simple with XP, and Beverly tried to help me with the Vista method, but I didn’t get the steps written down, so after my illness, I didn’t remember them! (Getting old is the pits!)
I have also been trying to get established on Facebook. So far, I’m not batting 1000. I don’t think that I am posting the right kind of stuff there. If you have suggestions on how I can improve, please don’t hesitate to straighten me out. I would really appreciate it.
We have had such pretty weather the last few days, but the high clouds are back. Oh well, we need the rain.

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