Monday, June 22, 2009

Doran Reunion

Last Saturday, June 20th, the annual Reunion of the Lew and Velma Doran descendants was held in Cedar City in Steve’s backyard. Barbara was in charge of the entertainment, and Paul was to be in charge of the food. However, Paul had a cardiac procedure (3 stents put into his arteries) on June 10th, so Steve stepped in and said that he and Kris would do the food, except for the brownies that Debra had ordered. Keith took a lot of pictures, and I put an album of 33 reunion pictures on Facebook. We had a good time visiting, eating, and playing games. We didn’t have a genealogy presentation this year, nor a report on what has happened during the past year to each family present. Barb focused more on keeping the young people occupied, and they loved it.
The original family had Maurine, Ray, Ruth (a cousin who was raised as a sibling), Beverly, and me . Only Beverly and I are left. She is turning 90 this year, and I turned 84. My mother did not even see ANY grandchildren (she died in 1942 at 52 yrs. of age), and Dad lived to be 72, so he saw several grandchildren before his death in 1962. Our parents would be thrilled to see all these descendants enjoying themselves together.

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