Thursday, October 23, 2008

DUP Decision

Well, I have decided NOT to volunteer to work in the Museum. I am not as sharp as I used to be, and I am afraid that I might make some embarassing mistakes. I think I will leave that job for the young kids who are in their 60s and 70s., and I will just enjoy being in my 80s. Is that a selfish or wicked idea? It kind of feels that way, but it is so nice to just sit down and read a book and not have to worry about having to go somewhere and be useful!

When my kids were still living at home, and I was working in the Library, I remember how good it felt to come home on a Monday afternoon and think, "Oh good! It's Monday, and I don't have to go anywhere tonight." Our Family Home Evenings weren't perfect, by any means, but time has dimmed the sharp edges now, and I remember them fondly. (Even when I remember that sometimes one of the boys would be sitting, reluctantly, on the stairs, instead of on the couch, and not taking a turn reading a few scriptures. Ah yes, the teenage years!) Oh well, the refreshments were always good! I feel better when I remember hearing President Hinckley's daughter saying that their FHEs were not perfect either when they were growing up. Take heart, but keep trying.

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Keith Thomas said...

Here's a little perspective from a comment that Beverly made in a "Happy Birthday" e-mail to me last Tuesday. She said, "...Thanks for the invite to your blog, I was wondering what you were up to. So as you can tell I am up to my ears in volunteer work...Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer, I asked Mom once why she didn’t raise us to be less responsible and say “no”. ha ha. I wish there were more responsible people out there to share the load."

I'm happy you're finally able to say "no" and not feel guilty about it.

Sit back, put your feet up, read a good novel, and have some chocolates! You deserve it!

Love, Keith