Sunday, October 26, 2008

We had an interesting day yesterday. Keith & Sherrie were here in the morning to watch the 'Sheep Parade' with me. There are only 2 sheep parades in the U.S. now: one here and one in Ketchum, Idaho. Jason was driving the Stagecoach (belongs to the Iron Mission) and Ryan was riding shotgun.

There were literally dozens of sheepherder 'wagons': from very old ones to very modern ones. the first sheep we saw were riding on a float.

There were handcarts, bagpipers, and old and new farm equipment. But, of course, we were waiting anxiously for the 1500 sheep.

The first arrivals ran ahead of a couple of parade entries, and they had to be stopped to let the vehicles go by.

They had several guys (with coiled whips in their hands - which they didn't have to use ) who walked along to control the sheep. I was surprised how easily they kept them together. Their sheep dog was unloaded from a pickup, but kept on a leash. Look how anxiously it is to 'get at 'em'.


Barbara said...

This is how we are to get information now?? Oh, no. I don't have a blog! I thought e mail was the way to go. You ahve put the responsibility on me to find out what you are doing. But this is more efficient. When does Keith come to WVC to teach me how? When does ANYONE come to WVC?

Beverly Thomas said...

This is a sight you would see in Ephraim during one of the college football game. All of a sudden the crowd is focusing on the street and not the game. Did I mention Snow was #1 in the nation. Don't worry Barbara I don't have a blog either